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Home or Office

Space Clearings

I come to your home or office space and do a thorough energy clearing of the space. This clearing allows for for you to feel more joyful and light in the space that you work or live in. Can be repeated every 3 to 6 months.

Army Spouses

Group Healings

Currently I am only offering group healings for Military spouses to help maintain a balance and deal with the constant change and adabdability. Together we pick a juicy issue to work on and go after it in a group session. You are lovingly her in the group field and we support each other through our issue. Some examples of issues we work on are: anxiety, lack, victim, loss, grief etc.

Balance Your Chi

Energetic Intervention

This healing is very special to me as it solely focuses on energizing your entire energy system: your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and psychological bodies. Instead of going after issues which tend to deplete your energy system we work on your energy system in this healing. This healing is suitable for anyone and has significant impact on the mind and body.